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Advanced CSS3 and HTML5: Web Pages With HTML5 and CSS3… Gradient Backgrounds & Custom Fonts * Native Video * HTML5 Form Validation * Semantic Markup * Responsive Design * Slide Shows With jQuery * Web Apps With jQuery Mobile * Customizing jQuery Mobile Themes… and more!

Advanced Web Pages

Creating jQuery Mobile Websites With Dreamweaver 


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"...Bravo David K..."

- Seth from New York, NY on 1/27/14
I am a retired professor of art history and former dean at Rutgers and know good instruction. David qualifies and more.

I am putting together a website and am totally self taught. I needed to tweak the site as well as understand certain principles I could not master on my own. David K. was terrific. Most importantly, he understands thoroughly the two programs I am using--Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS6. He is easily able to analyze the problem and then suggests solutions. He will show you how to do it and then make sure you can do it yourself. And he teaches you the principles involved as well as to make sure it is the most efficient way to do it...

"Great tutor"

- Murr L. New York, NY on 10/31/13
I chose David K as a tutor for Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop and website advice and design. He is extremely knowledgeable and has written books on these subjects which was impressive - especially the ones "For Dummies". That appealed to me since I am super-novice at all things technical. He is very thorough and slow enough for a beginner. He listens to my ideas - advises various approaches - and helps me get to where I want to go. I would recommend David to anyone who is looking for training at any level with Adobe.

"Highly Recommended!"

- Serina Y. New York, NY on 12/11/13
I highly recommend David for anyone who needs one-to-one help and attention... he was able to assist me with HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Web Designing. Thanks to him, my website is finally looking like a website!

"Great Teacher!"

- Richard S. Brooklyn, NY on 11/14/13
I went to David K. after being stuck for months on creating a Wordpress site for my Music. David not only answered my questions clearly, he directed me and got me going and I now feel on much more solid ground to finish the Web site I started.... he is a highly knowledgeable and gifted teacher who takes a very technical subject and breaks it down so that it is clear.

"Very helpful!"

- Maggie K. New York, NY on 11/1/13
David helped me both design and code a website for my grad thesis. I came to him three weeks before my deadline and he has helped me quite a bit to get the site on track and looking good. Very personable and easygoing.

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