HTML5 & CSS3 for Dummies.

HTML5 and CSS3 have ushered in an entirely new era in web development and web design. This easy-to-understand full-color guide presents the elements of design and development as equal; therefore, both designers and developers will benefit from learning how to leverage the power behind HTML5 and CSS3.

A thoughtful, well explained guide through the latest HTML and CSS design/development principles.

Building Websites All-in-One For Dummies

(co-author with Doug Sahlin)
Building Websites all-in-one for Dummies

This hefty, 800 page book is your start-to-finish roadmap for building a web site for personal or professional use. Even if you're completely new to the process, this book is packed with everything you need to know to build an attractive, usable, and working site. In addition to being a thorough reference on the basics, this updated new edition also covers the very latest trends and tools, such as HTML5, mobile site planning for smartphones and tablets.

Developing Mobile Websites With HTML

This book is a great resource and caters to beginners and advanced coders alike. David clearly explains the major differences in mobile web formats and discusses the pros and cons of each. Also, he covers a bit more than just web app development.

Whatever your level of expertise with web development, DEVELOPING MOBILE WEBSITES WITH HTML5 will give you the hands-on help you need to learn how to create dynamic mobile websites that work equally well on laptops and desktops using HTML5.In today's fast-moving technology market, mobile isn't an add-on--it's essential.

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Create Mobile-Friendly Web Apps With HTML

Create Mobile-Friendly Web Apps With HTML

Learn to build build excellent, inviting, interactive Web apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with very little coding at all.

David has launched an exceptionally friendly and interesting course. I was afraid I may be out of my depth with the subject matter. However, I had nothing to worry about! The lectures are comprehensive and entertaining. Nothing is taken for granted, and I created my first mobile app within a day. Thank you for being an excellent tutor.

Responsive Web Design

In today's online environment, designers must create websites that are responsive. Their sites must reshape and morph to provide a positive experience in every viewport—from small touch-screen environments to large-screen browsers.

Excellent course! Other courses I have taken were informative and helpful. This course was an order of magnitude better, in that it was more engaging and represented a far more sophisticated and savvy approach to the material. I will be looking into David Karlins' books and hope to see other courses by him in the future.

Advanced CSS3 and HTML5

Advanced CSS3 and HTML5 online class

In this class, you'll learn to use HTML5 to provide video that works in any environment. HTML5 makes it possible to build inviting forms that test user data without back-end coding.

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David Karlins is the author of HTML5 and CSS3 For Dummies; Developing Mobile Websites With HTML; co-author of Building Websites All-In-One For Dummies; and author of dozens of other books on Web Design.

David Karlins' syndicated online courses are taught through thousands of colleges and universities around the world.

David's design clients have ranged from Hewlett Packard to the Himalayan Fair.

"Great Teacher!"

I went to David K. after being stuck for months on creating a Wordpress site for my Music. David not only answered my questions clearly, he directed me and got me going and I now feel on much more solid ground to finish the Web site I started. I would very highly recommend to anyone who wants help in these areas, he is a highly knowledgeable and gifted teacher who takes a very technical subject and breaks it down so that it is clear.

- Richard, Brooklyn, NY

Bravo David K.

I am a retired professor of art history and former dean at Rutgers and know good instruction. David qualifies and more. I am putting together a website and am totally self taught. I needed to tweak the site as well as understand certain principles I could not master on my own. David K. was terrific. Most importantly, he understands thoroughly the two programs I am using--Dreamweaver and PhotoShop ...

— Seth, New York, NY on 1/27/14.

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