Learn Advanced CSS3 & HTML5

Advanced CSS3 & HTML5

You've heard the buzz about CSS3 and HTML5? These latest versions of HTML and CSS have redefined how Web pages are created. So if you're going to design Web pages, you need to know how to work with CSS3 and HTML5.


This course will teach you how to take advantage of HTML5 "semantic" tags that make page design far more intuitive, faster, and easier compared to older versions of HTML. And you'll learn to use HTML5 to create basic mobile pages and apps.


In this class, you'll learn to use HTML5 to provide video that works in any environment. HTML5 makes it possible to build inviting forms that test user data without back-end coding. It also allows designers to include friendly tools like calendars, calculators, and color palettes to encourage accurate user input. You'll leave this course with the skills to create all those elements.


And you'll learn to wield new CSS3 features essential for fast-loading, exciting, interactive websites, especially mobile sites. You'll create complex gradient blend backgrounds for pages and page elements, without using image files. And you'll learn to use jQuery Mobile to create app-like mobile Web pages and themes— complex sets of styles for mobile sites. 

In short, you'll leave this course with valuable skills essential to creating modern websites.


I am really glad I took the course because it was what I needed to motivate me to redo the website I "inherited" (even though I still have a lot of work to do on it). The course has made me feel that even though I am an amateur at this, I can have a website that is both functional with all the modern technology and still pleasing to the viewer.

This was an excellent course! It fit in nicely with the other web page, HTML and mobile design courses. I learned a lot and had fun doing it.

David Karlins is a very good instructor. This course helped reinforce what I had learned previously. This has encouraged me to learn scripting. The instructor encourages creativity and made the assignments enjoyable. This has brought out areas of web design that I like most. I would highly recommend this course and instructor.

Excellent from beginning to the end. Very educational.

This course was excellent. I loved how it built up to jQuery Mobile in Lesson 11, and then followed with ThemeRoller. It fits perfectly as a way of moving anyone with prior experience into contemporary mobile capability. I could not have been happier with this course. I have taken a number of other courses prior to this one at ed2go, and this was a nice capstone to the others.

I was very happy with this class. The notes did not waste time on irrelevant subjects and never got off track. The notes were thorough and to the point. The videos made the class feel more interactive. I like the challenges that we were given and the fact that we had to post our final assignment work for each lesson. The feedback was really so insightful and invaluable. The instructor has great skill in dealing with people.

I have really learned a lot and have been able to implement it into our company's website already. I especially appreciated the media queries section.


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