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I’ve been encouraging students to use for free hosting because it is full featured, including support for PHP back-end scripts and WordPress. But the quality of the hosting server has declined rapidly and overtly over the past months. 000webhost now puts sites to “sleep” for hours each day, and even when the sites are “awake” connection time is maddening. So… here are some alternatives I’ve begun to check out for the budget-conscious of us (as in free) sites:


In this round of tests, so far, x10hosting is proving the most reliable and least stressful free hosting. It’s more restrictive in terms of how many sites you can have, and how many accounts you can have. Note to professors (and students): x10hosting detects when more than one person from the same IP address is attempting to set up a site, and does not allow that. So students need to go home or to another IP location to set up their sites.

Maybe that restrictiveness is why the x10 sites are the most reliable and easy to use of the free site options. The interface is not overflowing with ads and deceptive, diversionary links. The cPanel is full-featured and intuitive.

x10hosting cPanel

Yes, like all free hosting, it’s slow, but not maddenly so. And at the moment, I’m wrestling with managing files with FileZilla – which is balking at connecting with the x10hosting sever.

There is validity to the cliche “You get what you pay for” but given I’m reviewing free sites we’re looking for loopholes in that rule, and x10 seems to be the biggest loophole so far. Your experience? Post comments below.


The features are limited, but clearly explained and rationally selected.

The signup process is super-friendly. The CPanel is professional, unlike non-standard proprietary interface at 000webhost.

The donation model (plus ads), is a nice alternative to 000’s model of essentially providing lousy service as an “incentive” to upgrade to a pay version. I’m giving Heliohost a full shakedown now… I’ll let you know how it works out.


Infinity Free has a nice bunch of features and an accessible, relatively intuitive cPanel (there are two options – they both worked OK for me.

The setup is a bit non-standard. Public files are saved in the htdocs folder, not the _public-html folder found in many hosts. Overall impression after 24 hours of testing: rivals x10 hosting for speed and reliability.





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One thought on “Free Hosting Options & Alternatives

  1. Sam L January 26, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    Hey Professor K, I appreciate all the work you did to spec out these free hosting options. I have another solution that some of us can use – those super-low-price one-year introductory rates they have for first-class hosting. If you’re just doing this for class, get your money’s worth out of the low-cost intro plan and then cancel when a year is up. I actually did this for a class with bluehost ( and it wasn’t a hassle to cancel.

    Here’s a site that lists a bunch of legit hosts that charge between $2 and $5 / mo for the first year.

    Check out the disclaimers! They generally automatically bill you for the next year at full price, so you have to cancel. I did that with bluehost and it wasn’t that big a hassle, but enter the cancellation date in your calendar!

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