Secret Hack (but legit): Take my course on creating forms (and thousands of others) free!

The folks at (aka LinkedIn Learning) gave me the opportunity to develop and present what I think is the most comprehensive online course out there on how to design and implement really inviting and accessible forms.

The course covers using HTML5’s input types that make entering numbers, dates, URLs, phone numbers, colors(?!) and email addresses intuitive and stress-free on smartphones. It covers HTML5’s validation features, so users don’t have to wait to hear back from a server if there’s a problem with how they entered a phone number or email address. And it explores popular frameworks like Bootstrap to expedite form design, when appropriate.

I use Dreamweaver as a coding tool in the class, but the material is applicable in any coding environment. and its twin LinkedIn Learning are subscription services. Fair enough. Online learning really is, at the end of the day, a matter of getting what you pay for. And, full disclosure: I get a small but in my world significant cut of the subscription you buy when you take my course.

But short of hiring a hacker, or finding a password on the dark web – both of which I strongly advice against for your own good! – there is a way to take this course for free. It’s right down the street at your public library. Public libraries across the U.S. (and beyond? I haven’t researched it but let me know) provide free access to classes with your library card. Ask at the desk, and they’ll connect you. And when you get to the special library portal for (see below), the easiest way to find my class is to just enter Karlins in the search box. When my relatives start creating courses (it’ll happen) this might get more complicated, but for now, my web forms class will be the only option (see below).

Then, once you’ve opened the door to free courses, explore the world of learning you’ll find there.

By the way… while you’re “at” the online edition of your local public library, check out (literally) a copy of HTML5 and CSS3 For Dummies!





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