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Perfect One-On-One Tutor

I wanted a one-on-one session for Illustrator because I had several specific projects I needed help on. David was perfect. He quickly understood what my issues were on the projects, quickly assessed my skill-set level and immediately provided a tutorial that was spot on for what I was hoping to accomplish. Therefore my session time was spent efficiently and comprehensively on what I needed. There was no wasted time. If/when I find myself in need of additional help with Illustrator David will be my first call.

Char, 1 lesson with David

Simply Awesome!

David is Awesome and he gives excellent advice regarding literary work! He helped me to look at my work from a multi-dimensional perspective-giving me a roadmap on how I can create a successful book. He is has lots of experience and insight and it is an honor and pleasure being under his tutelage.

Swenda, 1 lesson with David

David makes sure you understand

When it comes to web design, I’m self taught, and my skills are very rudimentary. I needed help putting together a responsive site for my business and David was very skillful in communicating the information I needed to make it happen. He’s patient, fun to work with and generous with his time. He’s even given me a few much needed pointers in follow-up emails. If I need help with this or another project I’ll definitely contact David again.

Ben, 2 lessons with David

David was very patient and I was at ease explaining what I needed help with.

David is helping me learn microcomputers ii from a course that I was not doing well in. I am overcoming my dread of computers.

James, 2 lessons with David

Amazing Tutor

David is an amazing tutor. He was very patient and he is a wonderful teacher. I came to David with only a few weeks left in my Web Design class. After a whole semester of struggling, he was able to sit with me and help me complete my assignments. He explained everything clearly and gave me a better understanding of Dreamweaver and Photoshop. He also helped me with my Final Project, which was to build a website from scratch. I was able to hand in everything by the deadline and I also was able to pass my class!!!!

Iman, 3 lessons with David

Great Tutor

I really enjoy working with David. He is super intelligent and has a real mastery of the material. He is patient and makes learning the material fun and easy through conversation—not just him lecturing me on what to do. In addition, it never feels like he is talking down to me, which is great. He is a wonderful teacher.

Susan, 6 lessons with David

Excellent First Lesson! Bravo David K. Can’t wait till the next one.

I am a retired professor of art history and former dean at Rutgers and know good instruction. David qualifies and more. I am putting together a website and am totally self taught. I needed to tweak the site as well as understand certain principles I could not master on my own. David K. was terrific. Most importantly, he understands thoroughly the two programs I am using–Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS6. He is easily able to analyze the problem and then suggests solutions. He will show you how to do it and then make sure you can do it yourself. And he teaches you the principles involved as well as to make sure it is the most efficient way to do it. Something I spent hours trying to figure out on my own – he was able to help me solve the problem in 15 minutes. I was impressed–but more importantly, I am delighted with what I learned. I am looking forward to my next lesson. Bravo David K!

Seth, 4 lessons with David

Highly Recommended!

I highly recommend David for anyone who needs one-to-one help and attention. He’s very patient and can explain the small steps for you. I had several sessions with him and he was able to assist me with HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Web Designing. Thanks to him, my website is finally looking like a website!

Serina, 2 lessons with David


My son made more progress in two hours with David than he had in half a semester with his professor. He was proficient in all my son’s needs, including HTML, CSS and Flash, but my appreciatiion stems more from his patience and communication skills with his student. I don’t believe in miracles, but what David was able to accomplish is the closest thing I can imagine. I highly recommend him as a tutor.

Malcolm, 2 lessons with David

Great Teacher!

I went to David K. after being stuck for months on creating a WordPress site for my Music. David not only answered my questions clearly, he directed me and got me going and I now feel on much more solid ground to finish the Web site I started. I would very highly recommend to anyone who wants help in these areas, he is a highly knowledgeable and gifted teacher who takes a very technical subject and breaks it down so that it is clear.

Richard, 1 lesson with David

Very helpful!

David helped me both design and code a website for my grad thesis. I came to him three weeks before my deadline and he has helped me quite a bit to get the site on track and looking good. Very personable and easygoing.

Maggie, 3 lessons with David

Great tutor

I chose David K as a tutor for Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop and website advice and design. He is extremely knowledgeable and has written books on these subjects which was impressive – especially the ones “For Dummies”. That appealed to me since I am super-novice at all things technical. He is very thorough and slow enough for a beginner. He listens to my ideas – advises various approaches – and helps me get to where I want to go. I would recommend David to anyone who is looking for training at any level with Adobe.

Murr, 12 lessons with David

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